New trailer shows the world of Rise of the Ronin

The excitement builds around Rise of the Ronin as it marks Team Ninja’s inaugural venture into open-world games. The glimpses provided of this action RPG have cast its expansive world in an enticing light, a view further enhanced by Sony’s latest trailer release.

The trailer, titled World Vignette, opens with an emphasis on the game’s dynamic traversal system. It showcases how players can effortlessly transition from navigating rooftops to gliding through the air with the Avicula device and then directly onto horseback for swift movement.

Further, the spotlight shines on the game’s setting during the Bakumatsu period in Japan, focusing on three primary urban hubs: Edo, Kyoto, and Yokohama. These cities will be the central locations within the game’s map, bustling with life and activity. The trailer concludes by offering a sneak peek at the optional quests and side missions available, hinting at a rich blend of stealth and action-packed combat awaiting players.

You can find the trailer below:

Rise of the Roning comes out on March 22 for PS5.

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