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Pokemon Go Road to Sinnoh Shiny Pokemon List

Trainers, the last event for this season before the big Go Tour Sinnoh Global event starts soon, and we have a chance to increase the number of shiny Pokemon in our Pokedex.

The Road to Sinnoh event, just like every other event before it, increases the list of shiny Pokemon and their presence in the wild, Raids, Eggs, and when you complete the Timed Research storylines. This event brings new Timed Research quests: Raid and Hatch Challenge, cool Avatar items, and different Pokemon in the wild, Raids, and Eggs.

Some of these Pokemon can be shiny, so if you’re missing any of them, now is your chance to get them.

The list below features all Shiny Pokemon available during the Road to Sinnoh event, and where to find them all.

Shiny Pokemon Available during Road to Sinnoh

  • Chimchar: Wild
  • Piplup: Wild
  • Turtwig: Wild
  • Bonsly: Eggs
  • Budew: Eggs
  • Chingling: Eggs
  • Happiny: Eggs
  • Mantyke: Eggs
  • Munchlax: Eggs
  • Riolu: Eggs
  • Cresselia: Raids, and Timed Research
  • Darkrai: Raids, and Timed Research
  • Giratina: Raids and Timed Research
  • Heatran: Raids, and Timed Research
  • The Lake Trio Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf: Raids
  • Carnivine: Timed Research
  • Chatot: Timed Research
  • Pachirisu: Timed Research

The Road to Sinnoh event starts on February 19, 2024, at 10 AM and ends on February 23, 2024, at 10 PM local time. Make sure to participate, and get yourselves a new Shiny Pokemon.

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