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Pokemon Go Sends Youth Slang for Cringe Amusement, No Cap?!

Trainers, we don’t know if you saw the last Pokemon Go notification about Remote Raids, but if you haven’t, you will now. Seriously, no Cap!

A few days ago, we announced that Niantic and Pokemon Go have removed the limit on Remote Raids, but this will not last forever, only for the weekend. This weekend is the last weekend of the Timeless Travels Season, and one of the biggest Global events, the Go Tour Sinnoh 2024, is currently taking place.

This event takes place throughout the weekend, and as we mentioned above, we can participate in as many Remote Raids as we want. But now, we will not talk about the event, but about the notification regarding the limit of Remote Raids.

As we all know, Niantic and Pokemon Go made changes a year ago regarding Remote Raids and disappointed all the players. 5 Remote Raids per day and the higher cost of the Remote Raid Pass was not something we enjoyed seeing. But it is what it is, so let’s hope we have more weekends like this with no limit on Remote Raids.

Now, to boast that there will be no limit on Remote Raids this weekend, Niantic and Pokemon Go have sent out a notification, which has been met with humor by players. We’re serious, no Cap!

Pokemon Go players make fun of this notification, especially parents who play this game. One of the top comments on Reddit regarding the ‘No Cap?!’ notification, says that this notification is made for them because they “culturally appropriate youth slang for cringe amusement.” Another father added that they agreed with this statement, saying, “As a father of four that stole yeet and used it often, I approve of this message.”

As a father, I also approve of this notification. It’s lit, no Cap!

Now, let’s get serious for a bit. The weekend is still not over, and players can still get a Remote Raid Pass and participate in Remote Raids.

We think this is the perfect weekend for them (Niantic and Pokemon Go) to make some real-life PokeCoins. It was a great bait, and they got us. Well, I know they got me for sure. But hey, I enjoy the event, and there’s still one more day. So let’s see how it all goes.

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