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RuneScape is getting new events in February, Valentine’s Day and more

RuneScape is preparing for an exciting month, complete with battles, romantic festivities, and opportunities to win rewards.

RuneScape is about to get wilder with the addition of the WildyWyrm to the roster of Wilderness Flash Events. Starting today, players can engage in this combat event, tackling the wyrm near the source of the River Lum. Those brave enough to face this perilous foe can expect sacks filled with wild and very wild rewards, not to mention the exclusive Wyrm Reward Gland, possibly containing Wyrm Spikes, Hearts, or Scalps.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and the game will be celebrating the season of love with Devotion Sprites. These charming sprites will be fluttering around lodestones in Burthorpe, Varrock, Lumbridge, and Prifddinas from February 9th to 15th. By catching these sprites, players can earn a Lovely Gift Box, which may contain Heartments (Oddments for Ironmen), Valentine’s Chocolates, or the Rose Tinted Glasses.

Don’t forget about the upcoming Double XP LIVE event too. It starts on February 16th and lasts until February 26th, so you’ll have 10 full days to take advantage of the 48 hours of Double XP that are up for grabs. The best part is that you can pause the XP timer whenever you need to take a break or do something else so that you can make the most of your Double XP time. And, if you end up with any extra hours, you can trade an hour of DXP per day for credits with Nic The Trader.

The latest update of RuneScape has brought tons of fixes and improvements, and you can find the patch notes below.

Patch Notes


  • The large gap in the Music Maestro achievement details has been removed.
  • Luck now improves the chances for Big Game Hunter to spawn more than one dinosaur.
  • A full stop has been added at the end of the sentence for the Inventory Lock tooltip.
  • Fixed an animation issue when spawning a pet overriding a Unicorn Stallion or Arctic Bear familiar.
  • Grizzly Bears and Black Bears no longer appear purple when textures are disabled.
  • Added steel armour to the Unicorn Stallion familiar to distinguish it from the Pearl pet.


  • A new warning screen has been added when interacting with the Chest of Souls inside your Player-Owned Dungeon.
  • Three spots from Compass Elite Clue maps have been moved to the ground level to prevent a spinning compass needle.
  • Spirit Attraction Potion duration has been extended from 6 minutes to 15 minutes.
  • Players can now start Sinkholes with 2-5 players.
  • The Waterfiend familiar will now deposit Arch materials to the material storage or the Bank as intended.
  • When starting the Tears of Guthix minigame, if you have the items and level required to cast the Enlightenment ability, but have yet to cast it, Juna will now ask whether you still want to continue.


  • Switching from the Miso to the Taboo pet override will no longer retain the incorrect texture.
  • Death Skulls will no longer cause issues with the Dawn fight in the Death to Chivalry quest. Players can freely use Death skulls to kill skeletons without issue.
  • Necromancy is now correctly displayed after using the Stat Spy spell.
  • Added Daily Challenge streaks to the quick chat.
  • The ‘Perk Out!’ achievement now counts active tier 1 perks that have been permanently unlocked by completing breeding logs at Manor Farm.
  • The Plague Jacket now can be equipped from the Bank or saved and loaded from a preset.
  • Lesser Smash has been added to the Attack Skill Guide.
  • Boulder pet settings no longer reset unintentionally.
  • A player that activated Nastroth’s major Defence reset should now have sufficient reputation to complete the upper Darkmeyer section of the Branches of Darkmeyer quest.
  • Fixed an issue where the Workshop’s roof was floating during the Battle of Forinthry quest.
  • Players are now limited to purchasing 3 membership passcodes with Bonds per week.
  • Naming of the overrides received during the Contagion Treasure Hunter promo should now be more consistent with the names displayed in the TH interface.
  • Fixed an error in the chat message pop up when using a Portable Fletcher to create bows and crossbows.
  • Corrected multiple instances of the wizards’ and dark wizards’ towers being referred to as ‘wizard’s’.
  • Fixed a typo in the Treasure Hunter tutorial pop-up.
  • The typo is fixed in the dialogue with Seren during the Extinction quest.
  • Fixed an issue where Wild Jade Vine could be killed with combat styles other than melee. Wild Jade Vine can only be killed with melee now.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a force logout when charging the Nature staff with Runes.
  • The chat message from the Divine Forge Phoenix is now not cut off when obtaining more than 4 gifts.
  • Players should now receive appropriate messaging if they try to invite someone who is fighting monsters in the Wilderness.
  • The ‘Ravensworn’ trait once again is not possible to be acquired through re-rolling in the Player-owned farm at Manor farm.
  • The Dominion Tower XP Book interface has been updated and Necromancy has been added to the XP Book’s rewards list.
  • Fixed release date filtering, which was off by one day in the Wardrobe.
  • The Beast of Burden preset will withdraw selected items regardless of quantity in the player’s Bank. If the quantity is insufficient, the preset will withdraw and load what is actually available.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Zaros kill counter in the God Wars Dungeon to not reset when teleporting away from the area.
  • The Stasis Mace will now show the correct preview in the Wardrobe, and override two-handed weapons.
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