Sony is testing PC compatibility with PSVR2 headset

Sony is exploring possibly introducing support for PC games on its PS VR2 headset. Despite the initial success of the PlayStation VR, the PS VR2, released a year ago, hasn’t achieved the anticipated level of success. Although the hardware has seen significant improvements, support and sales for the device have been somewhat lackluster.

However, Sony is taking proactive steps to enhance the PS VR2 library. In a detailed update shared on the PlayStation Blog, which highlighted some of the device’s exciting upcoming titles like Metro Awakening, Sony revealed that it is testing PC compatibility for PS VR2. The company aims to enable support for PC games on the device within the year.

We are thrilled to confirm that we are doing the work to allow players with PS VR2 to play a huge number of PS VR games by enabling the use of the PS VR2 on their PCs,” Sony stated. “We are targeting to provide this support by 2024, so please stay tuned for more details.

The scope and impact of this support are yet to be fully disclosed, but it represents an intriguing strategy to expand the PlayStation VR2’s game library.

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