Sony PS Vita 2 Handheld Rumors

Moore’s Law Is Dead (MLID) has something of a reputation as a hardware leaker often dropping inside knowledge about what some of the big players like Intel, Nvidia, and AMD have in store. So it seems that once again we have some rumors about Sony and the PlayStation world, so let’s check on what are the rumors about.

The rumors in the tech world state that Sony is developing a new handheld  gaming, the “PlayStation Vita 2.” However, do not start jumping on your couches just yet as this name is more of a tongue-in-cheek nickname than an official branding by MLID.

What’s been reported so far:

  • Custom AMD APU: The project is reportedly in the high-level design phase, which would put it at least a couple of years from potential release, and still needs to go through the engineering process.
  • Developers suggest that the ‘Vita 2’ could have 18 Compute Units (CUs) to enable backward compatibility with all PS4 digital titles. For PS5 games, there’s even talk of a “Pro-like Patch” that could be applied after thorough testing and collaboration with game developers.
  • With the PS5’s variable clock speeds, the handheld’s GPU could run at lower clock rates, perhaps as slow as 1.8GHz or slower. But in turn that would require testing and patches on a game-by-game basis and possibly result in slightly lower resolutions for some games.
  • Some speculate that the “Vita 2” might be a part of a future “PlayStation 6 family,” made to debut next to the PS6 console. The portable would be an alternative to the Japanese media.

In other words, there’s strong evidence a new PlayStation handheld is in early development this is all speculation now.

This piece of information is based on reports made by Moore’s Law Is Dead and may be subject to change as more details become available.

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