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Niantic can Recover Hacked Account and Transferred Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Trainers, the latest developments in Pokemon Go revealed many things and showed how easy it is for someone to hack your account. That’s the downside. The positive thing is that Niantic can recover the hacked account and everything deleted from the same.

By now, you should all be familiar with the hacked FleeceKing account, which Niantic managed to recover in less than 24 hours, along with all the lost and deleted stuff.

This proves that Niantic can recover a hacked account, but we haven’t seen any reports of players losing and getting their accounts back. Does this apply to famous players and Pokemon Go content creators only? We alone know of more than 10 players who had their accounts hacked, and contacted Niantic, but never got anything back. They were forced to open new accounts and start all over again.

We don’t want to be misunderstood, yes we are happy and satisfied with how it ended, but we think other players should get the same treatment. They may not be as famous as FleeceKing, but trust me they spent a ton of money.

It’s ironic that the same hacker who got FleeceKing also hacked many other players’ accounts.

Now that we know Niantic and Pokemon Go can get your account and Pokemon back, we think they should start looking at all the reports from players whose accounts got hacked.

Every player should be able to retrieve their account, including Pokemon, and items from a hack.

Niantic must pay more attention to such cases. Players spend money, and no one wants to lose their account due to a security lapse, on which not only money but also time has been spent.

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