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Pokémon Go players can now transfer or send Poipole to Pokemon HOME, Here is How

Trainers, Poipole made its Pokémon Go debut, and according to the latest information from the Pokémod Group, we can now transfer or send it to Pokémon HOME.

The new season of World of Wonders brings us a lot of new things, and the first new thing we saw and received on the first day was the new Ultra Beast Poiopole.

Poipole is just the beginning of a wave of new Ultra Beasts in Pokémon Go. We are expecting to see the remaining Ultra Beasts in the game this season, but let’s talk about that a little later. Let’s focus on Poipole, how to get it, and the info that this Pokémon can now be traded or sent to Pokémon HOME.

There is only one option to catch Poipole in Pokémon Go – you must complete the first stage of the World of Wonder Season-long Special Research.

Now, once you get it, you can transfer it to Pokémon HOME. Here is how.

How to Transfer Poipole from Pokemon Go to Pokemon HOME

  • Access GO Transporter:
    • Tap “Send Pokémon” in the Pokémon HOME section of the Pokémon GO Settings menu.
  • Energy Usage:
    • GO Transporter Energy is required; varies by Pokémon.
    • View energy requirement by selecting the Pokémon you wish to send.
  • First Use and Recharging:
    • Fully charged on first use.
    • Recharges over time; immediate recharge available with PokéCoins.
  • Sending Process:
    • Select Pokémon, then tap “Transport” to send to Pokémon HOME.
    • Sent Pokémon cannot return to Pokémon GO – choose carefully.
  • Receiving in Pokémon HOME:
    • Transferred Pokémon must be manually received in Pokémon HOME to appear in Boxes.

Please note that you can only send Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon HOME.

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