PS2 officially sold 160M units as per Jim Ryan

PlayStation consoles have always been a staple in our lives, at least in mine. From the gray rectangle up to the white masterpiece, we have been through it all.

Back in the 2000s, a console with a remarkable design came out and shook the whole world. Everybody wanted to have it, and we all ran the streets to get it. I know I did. That console is known as the PlayStation 2. Debuting in 2000, it had similar delays as Sony had with the PlayStation 5, which to me, showed that exactly the PS2 console was meant to be in the spotlight. To be fair, it was in the spotlight, for quite some time.

For a long, long time, there were talks, and still are I guess, that the PlayStation 2 console managed to sell a whopping 155M units. Do you know what that number meant back then? It was massive, it was a great success. Well, I have to tell you that the number is wrong. It is close, but PlayStation 2 didn’t sell 155M units.

On the official PlayStation Podcast, the most recent episode, there was a special guest that we know really well, Jim Ryan. He is the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of Sony. It is sad to report that he is stepping down, but he didn’t leave before telling the world a really important fact about PlayStation 2.

That fact is that PlayStation 2, contrary to popular belief, didn’t sell 155M units. In fact, this funky-looking console, with a vertical stand and a Slim version, managed to sell 160M units. Yes, that is right, 5 million more units than originally reported.

It is fun to see how history played out. I do hope that PlayStation 5 will come close to that number though.

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