Bloodborne Kart renamed to Nightmare Kart, coming free to PC on May 31, 2024

Born from a meme, now a reality, Bloodborne Kart has seen some quite difficult days.

It bears resemblance with the Bloodborne game developed by FromSoftware and published by Sony, only in its name though. The latter company stepped up and pulled some strings, thus prompting the developer behind the previously-named Bloodborne Kart game to change its name to Nightmare Kart.

As I mentioned, now Nightmare Kart was born from a simple meme, because the gaming community showed so much love to it, that the creator, decided to put it in development. Well, not only its name is now changed, there are some other goodies coming to Nightmare Kart, when it gets released on May 31, 2024. Yes, that is the official release date for Nightmare Kart.

There will be a lot of new stuff coming to Nightmare Kart, and I am sure fans will love it.

Nightmare Kart coming end of May, with novelties for players

The creator besides announcing the new name and an official release date, they also revealed some new features that are going to be available in Nightmare Kart.

  • Free on PC (via Steam and Itchio)
  • 20 playable characters
  • 16 maps, all are different
  • Campaign mode, plus Boss fights
  • Versus mode

Yes, the game is coming on PC, but completely free. This is not something you see everyday, and I am glad the love Nightmare Kart is getting from the gaming community.

See the trailer below.

Let’s support the game, which I am sure will be a big title in the gaming community.

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