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Freezing Battles Causing Trainers Automatic Loss in Pokémon GO

I mean, this is Pokémon GO, it is bound to have a bug so big that it affects gameplay.

At first, I thought that it was linked to the Party Play feature, but as time goes by, and complaints are coming forward, I am realizing that it is not linked to anything. It just goes by itself, doing nothing, yet doing everything. Now, we are in the middle of a bug that causes the game to freeze in GBL Battles, or any Battle while we are at it.

Many, and I mean many Trainers have come forward to seek help on how to fix this nasty bug, that causes them an automatic loss, even though the screen is totally frozen. One Trainer says that the battle screen stops moving whenever they are in for the win. It almost looks like Niantic doesn’t want Trainers to win battles.

Well, the occurrence of this has also increased, and it is now happening at every battle that Trainers try to engage in. It is unclear whether Raids are affected by this at the moment of writing.

I am putting a pause on battles for the time being, because I am scared of losing. You know how that goes.

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