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No More Regular AR in Pokemon Go, It’s AR+ Now, Wild Pokemon, Buddy Snapshot and Go Snapshot Changes

AR Quick Catch is Now Gone

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go are making changes with AR. They announced that the way of using this mode is changing, so they already turned off AR, and now it’s just AR+.

Niantic and Pokemon Go are changing the way AR+ is used in the game, and according to them, these changes have to be made, because the whole AR technology is changing. Well, at least that’s what they say.

Now, as we have already mentioned, they have already filled in the changes and shared all the new things on the Pokemon Go Help Center. Let’s have a look and learn more about the AR+ changes in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go AR+ Changes

Wild Pokemon Encounters

For the majority of wild Pokemon encounters, you can continue to use AR+ in the same manner in which you have become used. Learn more about catching wild Pokemon with AR+ mode.

One notable exception is encounters with certain Pokemon that previously required AR+, such as Mew and Celebi, will no longer carry this requirement.

Buddy Snapshot

Taking photos of your Buddy Pokemon will now require you to have AR+ enabled on your device and within Pokemon GO.

If you have AR+ disabled, or your device doesn’t support AR+, you can disable AR+ completely and interact with and take photos of your Buddy Pokemon against a static background.

GO Snapshot

Taking photos of Pokemon you’ve previously caught using GO Snapshot will require AR+. This applies to photos of any Pokemon in your Pokemon storage except for your Buddy Pokemon.

We were happy to see that they slowly, slowly, started with QoL updates, but this change is unnecessary. Why change the regular AR to AR+? Do they understand that AR+ does not work everywhere? Plus, AR was a great tool for catching Pokemon. As many say, it made fast catch even faster.

AR quick catch was a very cool option, but unfortunately, it goes down the drain with the new update.

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