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Pokemon Go monthly ticket costs for March 2024

The most popular game in the world, Pokemon Go, is slowly, but surely turning into a pay-and-play game. I don’t like it.

As time progresses, tickets for Pokemon Go events are starting to be pricier and pricier. The start of 2024 was not that much, with only $22 in total, but boy oh boy, I think that March 2024 will be at the top. Anything above the ticket amount in March 2024 is absurd, not that this amount isn’t though.

So for March 2024, there were eight global tickets, and each had a different price. Then, there were in-person event tickets, and add-ons for each experience to be better. Now, if you went to every Global event, you would’ve spent $46.97. As I said, pricey.

If you did go to every Global event, and you also happened to have attended the in-person events and got add-ons, you would’ve spent an additional $37.49. Adding to the previous numbers, you paid $84.46.

I don’t think that in-game events must have tickets as many as they have in Pokemon Go, and Niantic should regroup and revise their plans a little bit because spending this much on tickets that don’t have much worth is senseless.

If you haven’t spent a dime in Pokemon Go, here is the data, courtesy of Pokemon Global News, which tickets Trainers had in March 2024.

March 2024 Tickets and price

  • Wonder Ticket: $9.99
  • Charged-Up: $1
  • Community Day March 2024: $1
  • Primal Kyogre Raid Day: $5
  • Primal Groudon Raid Day: $5
  • Rogue of the Jungle:  $7.99
  • Pokemon Go Fest Global: $14.99
  • Team Go Rocket Takeover: $2
  • Pikachu’s Indonesia Journey: Bali: $10
  • Pokemon Go City Safari: Tainan: $10, add-ons $17.49
  • Total: $84.46

You can agree with me that this is bizarre, right? Or am I the only one thinking this way? I sure hope not.

Which tickets did you purchase? Which one do you think was worth it? Tell us in the comments below.

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