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Pokémon GO player loses hundo Heracross due to glitch in the game, Niantic Support does nothing to help

It has always been tough to see that perfect Pokémon fleeing, but it has always been our own fault, right? Well, that moment turns bittersweet when the game itself causes a Pokémon to flee due to it being unplayable.

A Pokémon GO player has recently tweeted that his friend, also a Trainer, has lost a hundo Heracross after a Raid. As I said, this is really bittersweet. The flee happened right after the player threw his first ball and nothing he did after helped anything in the situation.

The Trainer went back to the gym multiple times, in hopes of encountering the hundo Heracross again, but with no luck. The Raid ended and just like that, hundo Heracross went away.

This is Niantic’s fault, due to the recent bugs and glitches that have been happening in the game. They don’t pay any attention to these issues, and they don’t even listen to their players. In this Trainer’s situation, it is fair for Niantic to do anything in their power and put a hundo Heracross in his Pokémon storage.

Niantic is concerned with what is not broken, like the Avatar and the whole fiasco around it, but doesn’t care about what is broken. And what is broken makes the whole Pokémon GO game unplayable.

Well, the Trainer’s friend, who originally tweeted about the problem, informed us that the affected Trainer contacted Niantic, and they did what was expected from them, nothing. Other than an unprofessional response, they did nothing. They said that they didn’t find any issue and that they couldn’t help him in this situation.

It is absurd to say that since there is a clear video of the hundo Heracross fleeing right after the first throw. I am utterly disappointed in Niantic for not helping. To be honest, I didn’t expect they would help, but you know how they say, hope goes away last.

Niantic, for the longest time ever, I am urging you to fix everything that is wrong with the game, and please help this Trainer get his hundo Heracross back. It is a courtesy, you know?

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