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Predicting May 2024 Community Day Pokémon, which one is next in Pokémon GO?

It is in my nature to predict, to talk about the future, and to delve into deep conversations with fellow Pokémon GO players. Especially when it comes to Community Day events.

I have to say, Community Day events are definitely my favorite ones in the game, so I am really grateful that Niantic turned on their thinking caps and decided to bless us with a Community Day, each month. Yes, we do have that majestic event every month. Sometimes we have two, which is awesome.

To refresh your memories, Community Day events are the very best event in Pokémon GO where Trainers have the chance to try to catch the perfect Pokémon, which is always pre-chosen by Niantic. Sometimes the choices are great, but sometimes they are not. In the end, we are all humans, and we make mistakes from time to time.

Plus, there are several neat bonuses that Niantic is giving us to enjoy. Imagine playing catch with the featured Pokémon, and we are getting a lot of bonuses for it.

Well, enough rambling from my side, let’s get onto the predictions. I love talking with fellow Trainers about predicting the next Community Day event Pokémon, and if one turns out to be true, well, that is a total bullseye.

What does Niantic have in store for us for the May 2024 Community Day event? Will my predictions come true?

May 2024 Community Day predictions

  • Kanto Geodude
  • Sewaddle
  • Marill

Well, my crystal ball showed me these names, so I do hope they will come out true. Do you think the same? If you have any other thoughts, please comment down below.

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