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H1Z1: Just Survive Adds New Anti-Cheat Measures

Right now, as we speak, H1Z1: Just Survive received a new patch. This patch should improve the anti-cheat system and also fix some other persistent issues.


While players are struggling in their surviving, they also hope for the best patch.

H1Z1: Just Survive Adds New Anti-Cheat Measures

This should bring them a bit of joy, considering the anti-cheat system improvement. Who doesn’t like that?


This quick patch will fix the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue where a deck with socketed items built on a tamper that had no socketed items would despawn along with the tamper. A nice fix, because it was a bit annoying.
  • New Anti-cheat measures are available and players should definitely enjoy because of this.
  • The loot on the EU LONDON server will spawn correctly, considering it for resolved. Is it? We’ll see.

There seem to be a new CTD issues going on nowadays. However, the Devs noted that this might be an issue related to DirectX11.

Because of this happening, the devs are asking if all the players can update their graphic cards drivers to the very latest version. This is probably going to fix the issue, but if it doesn’t, make sure you report that wherever you can.

However, receiving an update before a weekend is awesome.

Tell us your thoughts about this H1Z1: Just Survive update. We know that a lot of players would prefer and enjoy new content a bit more than just a regular update.


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