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New Wave of EX Raid Passes Went Out, Set for February 17

Here we go again, a new wave of EX Raid invitations was just sent, so check your app and see if you are one of the “winners” this time. Also, you might get the following notification – “You have a ticket to a special event,” which is the same, so don’t get confused.

ex raid february 17

Niantic made changes to EX Raid invitations system as follows:

  • The number of Gyms that meet the EX Raid Battle criteria will increase, resulting in a more eligible park and sponsor gyms.
  • An average number of players invited per Gym will increase.
  • Players with a higher level badge are more likely to receive¬†an EX Raid Pass.
  • Pokemon Go players that complete more Raid Battles the week before EX Raid Battle are more likely to receive an invitation.

The new EX Raid passes are sent worldwide, and they will last again for 45 minutes.



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