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Pokemon Go Update v0.83.1 and v1.53.2 on Android and iOS

Pokemon Go just got updated to version v0.83.1 for Android and v1.53.2 for iOS users as announced on the official website.

This update brings mostly bug fixes, but it also adds support for the iPhone X screen resolution. As I’ve already mentioned, most of the changes are bug fixes, so without further delay, here are the changes, thanks to NianticLabs:

  • Added support and made optimizations for the iPhone X screen resolution.
  • Removed support for devices running iOS 8.
  • Resolved a bug causing error banners to remain visible until the app is restarted.
  • Resolved a bug that prevented Trainers from powering up Pokémon to their max CP.
  • Improved load times when you open the app.
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates.
  • Gen 3 move names + Bonus

For last, ss we all know, the Global Catch Challenge is live and at the moment we are standing on 777.461.788. Can we reach 3 billion and earn the Gold reward? Stay with us and find out!

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