Dark Souls 3 Ashes of Ariandel DLC: Coming October 25th

While watching the trailer for new expansion of Dark Souls 3 DLC, Ashes of Ariandel, we made a review of something that may be leading to a new leak, in regard to lore of the entire Dark Souls franchise.

First of all, let’s share out thoughts for Estus, the golden liquid. We all know him as our Royal Jelly in DS series. Do we know where he comes from? We know that he comes from a bonfire…But, is that all?

Now its time to give a word about Ichor. In case you don’t know, this material was known as the blood of Greek Gods, this is where I started to think, there must be a hidden spiritual message in the colour of Estus.

This brings us to the official trailer, where we see a hunched woman, slouched over a large bowl while she flagellates herself. The act of flagellation suggest bleeding, we thusly assumed that she was purposely bleeding in the bowl. Later in the DLC, we shortly see the presence, attacking the main character by pouring the large bowl over his head.

We wanted to see some blood, but was approached with the golden hue of Estus Soup leaving the bowl.

From here you have probably realized where are we coming to. There is much belief, that the woman over the bowl is either Velka or even perhaps Gwynevere, both of whom are goddesses.

So, with all of these, is it hard to imagine that the Gods of DS3 bleed Estus? Can this woman be one of the goddesses, bleeding Estus over the bowl as punishment for her remorseful mind?

We sincerely think it is within the realm of circumstances , that From Software drew connection between Greek gods and those from Dark Souls.

The outcome is that we seriously believe that the gods of DS bleed Estus, and the bonfires connect the Chosen Undead to these sources of power.

Why is this happening in Dark Souls?

We are always thinking back to “time is convoluted”. Put your mind into it. Every time you rest at a bonfire, all the enemies return as if they weren’t killed at all. When you rest, the wave of gold flushes the screen, almost as if that is time being tangled. Your Estus recharges and your equipment is magically fixed.

However the environment changes stay such as opening a shortcut. That is possible since in one time, you opened it, therefore it would be opened in another time. It all resets after linking the main fire too. All the fires are connected to the main fire. So lighting the final flame would mean starting over again? Starting a new time, with experience still equipped.

You do find it in fragments, and each fragment empowers it. So are the fragments pieces of the gods? Scattered across the land? Or could it be that the fragments are other chosen Undead that have long passed and once held the power of Estus? So many theories…so much to observe!


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