Vernon’s Legacy Review: Story and Gameplay

As a die-hard horror gamer, one of the qualities I look for in games is originality. Each week I see the release of at least a couple of new titles, and make review about each game. But it is becoming rarer for me to be impressed by some innovative concepts and mechanics. We will try to make a Vernon Legacy Review about its Story and Gameplay.

Vernon’s Legacy Review

Vernon’s Legacy does not provide any of these things, but it gets more than a few things right. The setting is in 1920, right after the end of World War I, TripleBrick’s first-person adventure will put you in the shoes of a German young man whose name is Robert, who inherited the old Dunkenhof manor following his relative Vernon’s mysterious death.


Robert discovered several pieces of correspondence which are written by the previous inhabitants of the house, slowly discovering a series of disquieting events that surround the ancient underground vaults. The entire first section of the game is based on exploration, puzzle solving and reading. It felt like playing a long overdrawn introduction to the real game.

The atmosphere is produced by the impressive graphics and audio offered many opportunities to scare the h*** out of me. Sadly, the basic palpable tension I felt while moving through the dark hallways dissipated as I got to know the surroundings.

It did not take long to realize that anything was new for me, not anytime soon at least and that I can focus my attention on the puzzles – some are more inspired than others – without worrying about my survival. The second part is a completely different story.

When Robert descends into the vaults, the emphasis moves to a more action gameplay. Geared up only with a lantern, you will have to shift move carefully. In order to avoid the lethal and relentless entity roaming through the maze.

Gameplay Review

You need to walk through the labyrinth in Vernon’s Legacy and its tunnels in search of the items. You need this to move to the next level. The maps on the wall will be an orienting tool (the only one), understanding where you need to go. That is knowing the fastest, safest way to get to the important goal. The entity is not that scary, but the sudden change is more than welcomed.

Even in the most challenging moments, the game never gets frustrating or unfair, but I am afraid that the couple of hours that are needed to complete the adventure just would not cut it for non-casual games. Moreover, Vernon’s Legacy does not bring anything fresh and new to the table that you have not seen before, in some similar products, which is kind of a shame taking into account how pleasantly is to the eyes.

There should have been a less original approach. If that happen, all the puzzle elements would have certainly benefited the overall gaming experience. I do not think it is a bad game at all. I just simply think that there is more potential to it.

We hope you like this Review. If something’s missing, please add up in the comment section below.

Vernon's Legacy Story and Gameplay


Our Score

As a die-hard horror gamer, one of the qualities we all look for in games is originality. This game should definitely satisfy its players.

User Rating: 3.75 ( 1 votes)
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