Harry Potter Go Game: Is This Niantic’s Future?

The magical world of wizards and moguls it’s about to change. We are talking about a new Harry Potter GO game for mobile made by Niantic. Rumors sense the “Pokemon GO“ threat coming from the marvelous creation went on the platform.

Is This “Harry Potter Go” Going To Be Released Soon?

Even though Niantic did not give any heads up about the specs and features of the game itself, a lot feel great things from it. Might dominate the gaming industry and set “Pokemon Go” into a downfall.

Even though the expectancy, there are not any words of confirmation from Niantic and even from the gaming developer regards the release of this new popular game. As for the claim that “Pokemon Go” may drop down because of the upcoming release of the new franchise.

Niantic hasn’t revealed any official statement on whether they consider making in this franchise. They are busy making updates for “Pokemon Go” which is the reason for ongoing discussions for “Harry Potter Go”. The release date, features and spec of the upcoming game, remains unknown. Maybe it needs to be done a lot more upgrades before any kind of “Release Date statement” is revealed by Niantic.

Rumors have been pointing the making of the game will severely drop it’s gameplay. This opens a discussion between Warner Bros, J.K Rowling and Niantic. There is an online request for “Harry Potter Go” to become a part of a next real-life thing. But there are less than 100.000 sign-ups.

Fans of Harry Potter behind the petition are hopeful that they will gain more signatures soon. There are also alarming facts that make the fans angry.

A video shows what can possibly happen if this episode is being released any time soon (video below). In the video, viewers are in Hogwarts and other magical places, spells and wizards.

There is another thing that makes Niantic hesitating about making “Harry Potter Go”. Probably, that’s because they think a lot about the price of acquiring the label.

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