PS4 Pro Frame Rate Issues On Some of The Enhanced Games

Given the boost and fact of being that perfect sometimes might be really bad. The new discovered PS4 Pro frame rate issues while gaming disappoints the users really hard. There are more PS4 games enhanced by the PS4 Pro which run the games at a really nice at higher resolutions. This comes true when we speak about resolutions up to 4k. A few of the games capable of running on PS4 are losing frame rates when they are running on 1080p.

We guess you cannot be that much good and perfect. PS4 Pro and Sony should feel themselves a little bit disappointing letting this happen. Is this more like a game issue or PS4 Pro issue? Well, given the fact the game runs better on the normal PS4, it must be a PS4 Pro related issue.

While we speak about which games are failing at developing the best gaming experience when it comes to frame rates, The Last of Us and Skyrim are one of them.

However, Eurogamer recently finds out and confirms that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has the same issues on PS4 Pro.

Does the frame rate PS4 Pro issues hurt our gaming experience?

Of course it does! A lot of gamers are enjoying the highest frame rates they can get. The professional gamers are strictly focusing on that keeping the fact that a stable frame while gaming rate is a must! Having frame rate issues for a pro gamer it’s a real pain.

Also, Watch Dogs 2 has its own problems while being run on PS4 Pro. Seems like the frame rate issues for PS4 Pro are a pain to every single gamer.

The worst part of this is that all the games above currently do not offer a possibility of change to revert to standard PS4 graphics settings for maintaining frame rate performance. Given the fact that PS4 Pro just hit the market, the question about the problems is growing big. Any PS4 Pro changes incoming? We do not know, as Sony currently remains calm around this question. There must be a new examination around this question and we are sure Sony are already working on this issue.

The frame rate fix should come in near future with a fast incoming PS4 Pro patch. Until then, let’s see what’s going to happen as some other game might hit the list.

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  1. MLB the show is one of them while the Pro is hooked to a 4K hdmi port games seriously lags while in offline play. It’s like playing someone with a bad online connection.

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