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Horizon Zero Dawn Coming Out Early in UK

In a Tweet today PlayStation UK announced that Horizon Zero Dawn will launch earlier than expected.

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The lunch is only for the UK for now and is coming out on March 1st, 2017. With only 2 days early release, Guerrilla Games wants to surprise the audience in the UK. It’s not likely known why is this happening only in the UK but probably there is a good reason.

This game is one of the first that will use the full power of PS4 Pro and it’s abilities so the players can experience. Like we all know the PS4 Pro offers some extra details, enhanced colors, maps have been fixed with all the shadows, filtering and all of this means the game will run very smooth.

horizon zero dawn mamule

Another project is also on the menu at the PlayStation Experience 2016. Guerrilla Games and Kojima Productions will develop Death Stranding, using Guerrilla’s engine the same one for the Killzone series.

This can be a fantastic co-op and we are looking forward to the next modified game.

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