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Infestation Patch Notes And Upgrades For Christmas

The developers of Infestation: The New Z, Hammerpoint Interactive released a new patch today. This Infestation Patch Notes will be with fixes of the game but there is another one coming soon. Also, the next Infestation patch notes are going to be all about the holidays, the Christmas mode.

Updates are coming trough the week, so stay with us and we will keep you updated with any update, givaweys and more. The official forum is down but that is only the reason because the guys are working on the following update.

The game is still playable and you can rent a private server. If some of you already did it, you can do it again whenever you want. Here are all the fixes and updates for now for Infestation The New Z

Infestation Patch Notes


  • Fixed a crash related to the sound of one of the guns.
  • Fixed a bug where the flare gun ammo was flying in the air behind a character while having the flare gun equipped.
  • Melee weapons would not damage zombies in Battle Royale bug is fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where joining Battle Royale in the US would sometimes randomly join EU.
  • Fixed a bug where it would show low ammo for weapons like the flare gun and the double barrel.
  • Various crashes bug related to Intel HD Graphics GPU.
  • Fixed the problem that caused light sabers not to glow anymore.
  • Fixed the problem for AMD users where they would have extremely big muzzle flashes.
  • Overall game quality on ‘low’ is more optimized.
  • Reduced the amount of water on Colorado V2 to optimize the map more for better performance and FPS.
  • The high jump is now only available in safe zones, lounge and Battle Royale.
  • Players can now donate to/renew servers even if renting is disabled.
  • Decreased the size of the Legendary Account Icon. This is so names can be seen better in some cases.
  • The UI background is updated.


  • It’s almost Christmas! That means this patch we will enable everything related to our Christmas events. In these upcoming weeks, the game will have ‘Chrismas Theme’.
  • Christmas trees are enabled in Colorado V2, Colorado V1 and Caliwood. They are also enabled on PVP servers and Lounge but these wont have loot. So: Only the Christmas trees in Colorado V2, V1 and Caliwoood will have loot.
  • A Christmas themed menu with a nice snowy background.
  • Christmas zombies, wearing Christmas items and chances to drop Christmas skins/skinboxes.
  • New Christmas skins & a Christmas skinbox. -> These will be enabled later around a day before Christmas.
  • There are Christmas and New Year events planned, more information like dates, times and details will follow later.


  • Added a new item: The ‘Tactical Binoculars’. These binoculars are special military binoculars. These binoculars have an advanced zooming technology added to see even further in the distance.
  • Players have the ability to zoom in using these binoculars.
  • Fixed / Updated the ‘Riot Shield Ibiza’ icon.
  • Fixed / Updated the ‘Riot Shield Ibiza’ textures. The logo on the shield is now glowing.
  • Added new media riot shield: ‘Riot Shield DemonicDragon’.
  • Added new media riot shield: ‘Riot Shield Synkat’.
  • Updated/Reworked karambit animations.
  • Updated/Fixed the FN Scar H bulletspeed.
  • Fixed the AS VAL animation problems.
  • Updated textures/animations/icon for the karambit Destruction, Autumn, Hynx, Red Dragon and Neon Dragon.
  • More karambits are coming for the next upcoming patch.


  • Added a new skinbox with a new skin collection: The Winter Edition Skin Collection. These skins will be findable and in the marketplace for the entire winter season (around 1 month).
  • Added a new light sword to the Jedi skinbox: The ‘Light Sword White’.
  • Fixed the ‘OTS SVU Black Night’ scope. This skinned version now also has the PSO scope.

Battle Royale

  • Fixed some bugs related to the battle royale system.
  • Fixed a bug where radiation would not start in the time indicated.
  • Shovels are now spawning in Battle Royale.
  • Fixed a bug where the death sound would play on the battle royale lobby, instead of in the game itself.
  • Fixed a bug where battle royale servers would bug, and after a while, it would not allow anybody to join them.

Colorado V1

  • This map now has Christmas trees with loot.
  • Removed misplaced objects.
  • Added item boxes to locations where they were missing.
  • Removed super zombies from non-military places.
  • Lowered the grass render distance for better FPS and performance.
  • Lowered the render distance overall for better FPS and performance.

Colorado V2

  • This map now has Christmas trees with loot.
  • Fixed some misplaced objects in Boulder City/Lonetree Farm.
  • Fixed the BlueRidge Safezone; there was no safe zone area.
  • Changed the color of the water to make it look more realistic.
  • Reduced the amount of water to optimize the map more for better performance and FPS.

Caliwood update

  • This map now has Christmas trees with loot.
  • Fixed terrain issues where footsteps were disabled.
  • Fixed the skydome issue where the night would look like daytime.
  • Removed the secret spot and replaced it with a new military area.
  • Fixed / updated some physicx issues on some buildings.
  • Fixed / updated collision walls to deny access on certain roofs.
  • Added some new military places all over the map.
  • Added more variated objects around the whole map for more details and cover for players.
  • Increased military loot on military places.
  • Added / Optimized spawns around the whole map.
  • Decreased amount of superzombies at places where there was too many.
  • Removed superzombies from non-military places.
  • Removed misplaced objects.
  • Fixed / updated some parts of the terrain where players could no-clip in the ground.
  • Removed 2 of 3 grass layers to optimize FPS and performance.

Cliffside Updates

  • Changed to color of the water to make it look more realistic.
  • Decreased zombies spawns outside of the town.
  • Decreased the render distance of grass to increase FPS and performance.
  • Added more variated objects around the whole map for more details and cover for players.
  • Fixed some misplaced objects.
  • Changed the lighting and the skydome and let it look better on day/night.
  • Decreased the render distance of the quality of trees to increase FPS and performance.

ClearSmall Updates

  • Fixed some rocks where players could glitch under, flying rocks and misplaced objects.

Clearview Updates

  • Added more variated objects around the whole map for more details and cover for players.
  • Fixed the big walls around the map, some of them were flying.
  • Fixed some misplaced objects.
  • Added some better collision walls around the airplane.
  • Fixed some player spawns that were in the air.


  • All the maps Lounge, Battle Royale, Springvalley, WestOaks, Smallville, Rocky Ford ClearSmall, Cliffside and Clearview have Christmas trees, but without loot.
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