Minecraft Ender Update For Pocket And PC Available Now!

Pocket and PC players are getting the latest Ender update today.

The Ender is a free update with The Ender Dragon, The End, Eye of Ender, Dragon Egg and much more. You can find the full list below.

In addition, this update also brings Christmas festive themed look with a lot of gifts and surprises. Also, you will find frozen lakes, log-built chalets and vast caves. This Festive Mash-Up is available for $3.99 on Pocket and PC Edition. Check out the video for details.

Minecraft Ender Update Notes:

  • The End, End cities, End ships, Ender dragon & all the other End goodiesEnder Pearls
  • Ender PearlsEye of Ender
  • Eye of EnderEnder Chest
  • Ender ChestDragon head
  • Dragon head
  • Shulkers & shulker shells
  • Chorus fruit and popped chorus fruit
  • End stone & End stone brick
  • End poem
  • Purpur block, purpur pillar, purpur slab & purpur stairs
  • End Rod
  • Dragon Egg
  • Exit Portal & End Gateway
  • Ender charge
  • Ability to craft lingering potions in survival
  • Ability to craft tipped arrows in survival
  • Ability to respawn Jean? the Ender Dragon
  • Dragon’s breath
  • Elytra
  • Ender crystals
  • 256 world height!
  • World seed library
  • Igloos & polar bears
  • Strongholds now fully implemented and have a chance of spawning in newly generated chunks
  • Support for world templates

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