Path Of Exile Patch 2.5.0b Adds Changes For Summoned Skeletons

Tomorrow on December 8th Grinding Gear Games will introduce the new “Path Of Exile” patch 2.5.0b.

The patch will include bug fixes an increase to the Hover boxes and additional issues reported by their fans. With the new patch Bridge Monsters will now be with lower chance to spawn Beyond Portals. The Rebirth Prophecy will no longer trigger on these monsters and Sextant mod will not work with Blight or Scorching Ray.

In addition in the new update, you can find 55 unique items. You can see them in the image below.

Patch Of Exile patch

  • The chance of Essences to occur in maps has been increased by around 50%.
  • Fixed an issue where the engine would stall while loading some shaders causing a performance stutter for some machines with certain character builds.
  • The hover boxes on Breach chests have been increased in size so that they are easier to click on.
  • Non-rare Breach monsters no longer drop maps. All Breach monsters in Breach domains will still drop maps. Because Breaches have so many monsters, these monsters being able to drop maps completely throws off our normal map drop balance. The Breaches are already extremely rewarding and do not reduce the number of maps that you find from the rest of the area.
  • The names on the Upgrade Breach Unique Items challenge have been corrected to reflect changes made before the 2.5.0 release.
  • Added changes for Summoned Skeletons which were patch noted for 2.5.0 but not included in the patch.
  • Spells triggered by Scorching Ray now target your cursor’s location, rather than at the end of the beam.
  • An incorrect stat description with Blade Vortex is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with Breach Domains that could occur when leaving and rejoining the instance.
  • Fixed an issue with Blade Vortex where it could snapshot support gems across multiple instances of the skill.
  • A rare crash with Scorching Ray while using Cast While Channelling is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where some old AMD cards would just display a black screen.

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