Paladins OB41 Patch: New Map, Skins, Balance and More

The new Paladins OB41 patch will feature a new Siege map. The new Siege map is Stone Keep and you can see a video of it down below. The patch will also offer Champions Balance changes and Champions tweaks in order to offer the players a better in-game experience.

Paladins OB41 Patch

The Paladins OB41 patch will also feature New Skins, Weapons and Emotes to the game. A Ying Genie collection will be available in the Genie chest. There will also be a new Item Change which is going to tweak the Cauterize from 2 to 1.5s duration. There was a lot of players purchasing this item and I still think that it will remain the same, it will remain one of the most purchased items in the game. Cauterize will also no longer stack on each other. The strongest reduction will be the only reduction applied to a target.

Paladins OB41 Patch – General Changes

Epic and Legendary Founder’s pack are not going to be in the game anymore. There will be new weekly quests.

Also, this Paladins OB41 patch will offer a lot of fixes that a lot of players were complaining about. Using a spray will not put you in combat, display improvements, HP bars and Player names.

More about these changes can be found on this link.

Siege mode

In Siege mode, the teams will get a 300 credits if they capture the objective and will not longer receive credits for defending a payload push.

Payload mode

The starting credits will be 1000 and the credit spooling  is increased from 1 to 2 credits per second.


One of the most surprising Paladins OB41 changes is that supports now gain additional charge on their Ultimate by healing teammates. An amazing asset to all the support lovers. This can be really helpful in the game and it’s going to bring PICK changes for sure.

Hero changes

As we said above, some of the champions will receive balance tweaks too. Barik, Fernando, Grohk, Sha Lin, Skye, Tyra, Viktor and Ying are going to be changed. For more info about the changes, you can visit this link.

A new map “Stone Keep” will blow your mind with its beauty. Check out the video below with the map presentation which was first presented at HRX 2017.

The video below was presented at HRX 2017.

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