SMITE Patch 4.1 Brings A Lot Of Changes

SMITE patch 4.1 introduces the new Season 4 and brings a lot of changes in the game. So far, this is the biggest update. The developers are saying ” There is more to come”. This patch is with new skins, avatars, emotes, global emotes, new loading frames and a lot more. Below you can see the most important changes.

smite patch 4.1

Vamana is with a new visual update, Mastery skins and Recolor. Some of the Gods are with new skins as well:

  • Such Cold Skadi
  • Modern Mercenary Nemesis
  • Iron Tyrant Xing Tian
  • NRG AO Kuang
  • Nike Mastery Skins
  • ULLR Mastery Skins
  • Full Metal Vulcan
  • Encore Agni
  • Dragonsbane ULLR
  • Agony Bellona
  • Terror-Dactyl Camazotz
  • Idusa Elite Medusa

There are two new achievements, Mirror Match and 3v3. To earn Mirror Match, you have to play with Morrigan. Transform into any enemy hero and kill the same hero you transformed into. For 3v3 you have to hit 3 enemy heroes with Morrigan’s Three Aspects skill. It’s very easy to get these achievements, so nothing to worry about.

SMITE is getting the T-screen back. Just press “T” to rejoice. This screen now shows top dmg, top kills, gold and mitigated. With the new update, the game gets “Diamon Count” and the player who will reach Rank 10 on more Gods, can unlock Recall effect. This is very important, as will increase the “Diamond Count” by getting more impressive. Season 3 introduces the new rank rewards. Whoever is at Gold 5 or higher gets Iron Tyrant Xing Tian. This reward takes place on January 31. To get the Loading Frame, your account needs to be Platinum 5 or higher on the same date.

Season 4 Updates:

Season 4 Ranked MMR haven been reset. Now everyone will start the season with same MMR. Also, by getting the Spring Season Ticket, you unlock Modern Mercenary Nemesis, permanent FP booster, a bundle of quests that gives up to 1500 FP and the ability to vote for FP. In addition, the Conquest map is with new changes and game start changes as well. But that’s not all. Clash map is with a new art style, layout changes, new jungle boss Apophis and gameplay changes. As I have already mentioned above, this is the biggest update so far. If you want to see the full patch 4.1 changes, please visit the official SMITE website and find out more.

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