For Honor Hacks Are Being Deployed, Just Sad

As I’ve just been playing and trying to enjoy my For Honor PC game experience, I’ve found out there are For Honor Hacks are being deployed. I mean, why would you make a hack in this kind of game without any kind of public MMR. By saying this, I would like to encourage Ubisoft to jump and do not show actual stats of the game.

I guess it is what it is and this is why I hate the PC gaming experience. Even there is EasyAntiCheat to save us from that, it seems like it’s not working that fast or the coders really know how to bypass it. This is what actually makes me feel really sad.

Please Ubisoft, do not even make some kind of open rank matchmaking system where everyone can see it, just make it closed like it is so only players can see their own stats. The skills will be shown when everything comes to a competitive matchmaking in near future (if there are some).

How do I know there are hacks? Well, I will tell you two reasons I discovered that. The First way of discovering, or let’s say my way to a discovery was when I get to a match, a 2v2 fight, where 1 guy Parry every single hit of ours. I mean, he even Parry the Berserker’s Spin Chop and every other single Light Attack. Are you freaking kidding me?

From my own experience with a gameplay of around 112 hours in the game, I have never ever met a guy that Parry every single hit of mine. Have you met anyone like that? After all of this happened in our 2 rounds of fighting, I ask myself, are there hacks in For Honor? Well, here comes the second part.

I went to google and as a normal human being, I’ve googled a lot of results regarding For Honor hacks. The results were shocking. I think that this is another reason for getting a console and enjoy.

However, my life will be pointless if I do not address this to all of the gamers that actually enjoy hacking.

A little letter for which I hope it will change your mind at hacking in Video Games

Guys, before you think about hacking in a game, think about the Fun you’re taking away from the other player. If you think that you are making him mad, no, you’re not, he will leave after the game and will queue up for a new game. You won’t get any money for beating him too. But, listen closely now. The guy on the other side might be a one-handed guy, a disabled one which instead of you, he should be using hacks!

Believe me, there are handicapped people that enjoy gaming, actually, that’s all they wanna do. Keep in mind that you are destroying their fun! Is that you wanna do? Put yourself in their position and just think a bit? How would you feel? I would just love to ask you, before hacking in every other game, ask yourself this question. It’s not only about you, it’s about every other person trying to enjoy their free time while playing a video game. The World of Gaming isn’t all about you so, instead of hacking, try to contribute in making the World of gaming better.

This is why I encourage all the PC games to disable Leadeboards and have a hidden matchmaking system. So people won’t actually try to hack at all. Everything else should be the same, getting mad, cursing, swearing, that’s what’s allowed in the world of gaming. Otherwise, the meaning of “Gaming” would’ve been pointless. If you want to hack, make sure you hack when you play against your real-life friends so you can troll them the next day.

However, I hope that EasyAntiCheat will do their job and get rid of all the hackers in For Honor. That’s all I have to say. Take care and god bless you.

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Angel Kicevski

I am ANGE1K. I started playing video games a long time ago. In a blink of an eye, I became a hardcore gamer. A couple of years later, I traversed to the professional Counter-Strike 1.6 scene. After the competitive ERA, I managed to find the gaming industry amusing and started working on FGR. My mission is to lurk and discover secrets, create guides and provide you with some important news. I mostly play FPS and love experimenting in good MMORPGs.

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