Conan Exiles Hotfix 28.04.2017 Fixes Exploits

Conan Exiles has received a new hotfix today, fixing some exploits that appeared in the last patch. This Conan Exiles Hotfix 28.04.2017 will also fix some new exploits.

In order to get the update, restart the game and update the servers just to make sure you’re on playing the latest version.

Conan Exiles Hotfix 28.04.2017


Conan Exiles Patch Notes

Below, you can see the full patch notes:

  • Old foundations will no longer remain when upgrading to a higher tier
  • Chat should now scroll automatically
  • EXPLOIT FIX: You can no longer dodge through certain building pieces on logout/login
  • EXPLOIT FIX: Disabled player input while logging out
  • Players on PvE servers can now die of hunger/thirst/suicide/fall damage (for realz this time)
  • Fixed a problem which prevented you from harvesting bushes multiple times

There are some known issues related to the new emotes such as like locking characters and inability to swim.

Also, the resources nodes bug will get a fix in the upcoming patch.

Those fixes are planned to come in the next patch.

It seems like overall, this patch satisfies the Conan Exile lovers, meaning a lot of crucial fixes like the one dodging under a terrain on logout/login are now over.

Hopefully, all of the players can now take a breather and enjoy their favorite game. Do not forget to tell us your thoughts on this Conan Exiles Hotfix in the comments down below.

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