Destiny 2 First Impressions About to Come

Is this the time when the world of gamers is going to be shocked? Destiny 2, is it going to make its debut within a special way? At this moment, it seems like the whole world is around Destiny 2. What kind of reactions awaits us? Time will tell. For now, we are limited to new info.

Destiny 2 First Impressions will probably come on May 18 as it has been announced on Bungie’s website. Talking about impressions, they will come within the Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere.

Destiny 2 First Impressions

Is this going to be the first franchise that ever succeeds to clinch the real deal? Meaning we had some similar types of MMO’s before like The Division, which pretty much did not surprise a lot of people that much. However, it seems like Destiny 2 can really do it.

Looking from gamer’s perspective, we love to see what Destiny 2 can do in terms of building a community without letting it down. May 18 will be the day for us to see the Destiny 2 Guardians for the first time in action. Are there gonna be some new Guardians? Let’s wait and see. For now, we can just keep on guessing and judge by watching the trailer.

Destiny 2 Platforms

The game is scheduled to be released on PC and Consoles too, bringing a lot of excitement for every one of us. For now, Bungie is focusing on preparing the livestream, hoping that everyone watching it will be left speechless.

What do you need to do? Just make sure you mark this Gameplay Premiere time on your calendar because May 18 might be the game-changing day for this type of game genre.

Release date

The game will come out on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version is set to release on October 24.

There will be Osiris and Rasputin DLC which are on their way too. There will also be new game modes and PVP maps, with the chance of customizing the character better than ever before.

To be honest, we cannot wait for Destiny 2 first gameplay premiere. This game promises a lot indeed. We do not need to know anything else about whether there will be new characters or not, we just want to see the first impressions of the game, right after the Destiny 2 gameplay premiere.

As we can see in the Full Reveal trailer, there are some both known and missing classes and characters. We also think that the Destiny 2 campaign will be amazing.

And, last but not least. There will be a ton of loot for sure! As soon as the live gameplay premiere goes on, we’ll leave our impressions in this article for sure. So, make sure you check us back and do not forget to subscribe for receiving the latest updates. New Legends will Rise!

Destiny 2 Beta?

Yes, there will be a beta version of the game that will come this summer. It’s going to make a room for our second and more strict impressions for sure.

Last but not least, the amazing Destiny 2 Trailer down below.

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