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For Honor: Shinobi and Centurion in Action

We’ve been able to judge the Shinobi and Centurion in action on Today’s Ubisoft Livestream. The new classes that are about to come, following the Season 2 content Shadow and Might look terrifying indeed. However, on May 15, there is going to be a world premiere of For Honor’s Season 2, so make sure on that day you are tuned at on Their Twitch channel.

On that day, we are going to witness the reveal of two heroes, the Shinobi and Centurion, as well as the new maps, Forge and Temple Garden.

On May 15, there is going to be a For Honor tournament during the World Premiere livestream, where 16 fiercest combatants are going to face off in a battle! This is such an amazing story, noting that a lot of players would love to see a bit of competitive gameplay.

More about the Season 2 maps and gameplay updates, they will be for free for all For Honor players from the moment when the season begins. That will be on May 16th.

However, the 2 heroes will only be available for For Honor Season Pass holders, but, players lacking the Season Pass can still open the heroes with the in-game Steel on May 23. It seems like that For Honor is going to be a lot more beautiful game, honestly, can’t wait to see the content.

Shinobi and Centurion Videos

For now, we only have two videos that were published by Ubisoft. Below, you can see both the trailers for the Centurion and Shinobi. Enjoy.

To be honest, the Shinobi looks really scary. That is going to be our new favorite hero I guess. After creating so many guides, I think it’s time to go back to For Honor. We have to master the new Shinobi Hero! Tell us your thoughts on this update, we’d really love to know what you’re thinking. HYPE?!



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