Tiger Knight: Empire War Update 0.1.82 Brings New Function

Tiger Knight: Empire War is getting a new update 0.1.82 tomorrow, on May 9. In order to update the game, the servers will be offline for some time tomorrow.

The servers in Tiger Knight: Empire War will go offline for 3 hours tomorrow. Europe server will go down at 08:00 until 11:00 BST. NA server from 00:00 until 03:00 PDT. Asia server 15:00 until 18:00. If the game isn’t getting this update, just restart Steam and you are all set.

With the upcoming update 0.1.82, Tiger Knight: Empire War’s content gets an update, the game will also feature a new fashion and a new PvP supply chest. In addition, there are also adjustments for the game mode and soldiers. Keep on reading and find out more.

starting from today, a new DLC – Righteous White Horses is available on Steam store. This DLC brings new special troops, called Righteous White Horses, Camp Expansion and new horse accessory.

A new fashion takes place as well. This fashion is inspired by the Celts of Europe, which were very passionate about the war. Take a look at the image below.

tiger knight: empire war update 0.1.82

The players can open 10 chests with only one click with the new function. In the Supply Chest pool, you can now find 6 new rare weapons. Basic Chest – Long-handle knobbed mace, Feijing Sword. The Intermediate Supply Chest now contains Baihong Sword, Feijing Sword and Parrying Sword. For last, we have the Advanced Supply Chest with Parrying Halberd and Qixing Sword.

Adjustments are made for the game mode, where the protection time after revival is increased to 6 seconds now, instead of 3. Also, changes are made for the Soldiers, and here is the full list of changes.

  • White Feather Warriors: melee defense ability decreased by 5; ranged defense ability decreased by 7.
  • Zhongyuan Rangers: the amount of stamina consumed by Focused fire skill is lowered to 2.
  • Qingzhou Horse Archers: the amount of stamina consumed by Focused fire skill is lowered to 2.
  • Nanman Elite Raiders: movement speed is increased by 12%.
  • Shu Armoured Crossbowmen: the duration time of the ambush skill is extended by 4 seconds.
  • Wu Fearless Squad: the chance of triggering Parry Attack skill is increased by 15%.
  • Jiangdong Pikemen: movement speed is increased by 8%.
  • Wedge formation: movement speed is increased by 10%. Attack ability increased by 15%.
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