Tiger Knight: Empire War Review

A game that will make you think twice should help you play the game or stop instantly. It’s a game where you need to play one more game, then one more game, then one more game… until you realize the time for bed has come. Tiger Knight: Empire War is listed as Early Access game on Steam.

Tiger Knight: Empire War was never using affiliate or any reseller platform before. Good thing in all of this is that your player’s data is not going to be deleted after the early access. The first access should be alive 1 or 2 more months. We’ve been pushed to make this Tiger Knight: Empire War Review because the game kept us put for a more extended period.

Starting from the soldier, going all the way to commanding a whole army, definitely worth a try. Fighting melee fights, archers… This game plainly speaks for itself.

Tiger Knight: Empire War Review

This review is made after long playing period. We are talking about MMO game which story happens in the middle ages. It contains specific equipment from histories such as weapons, armor, and horses. This game should bring you back to the era of melee wars. Since the moment we started playing the game, it was looking decent. You begin by playing the tutorials, which helps you to understand the game a little bit better. Believe me; there are a lot of things to do which I jumped over.

The first tutorial is the Basic Tutorial, and it will help you learn the basic mechanics of the game. The second one is the command tutorial which I am pretty sure you’ll love it. It teaches you how to command with your army. Fighting with all of those guys behind your back can be really fun. One of the best parts if you ask me is the Charge. By the way, you got more commands than one, so you can easily command your soldiers telling them what to do.

From charging an enemy to forming a formation… this game offers an excellent gameplay experience. Even though our first video recording crashed, we’ve managed to record a second gameplay video. After all of the tuts are finished, you are going to be moved to a character creation where you can play with. The last part is starting the battle.

Client explanation

The game has its client where you can do a lot of things. Upgrading your character or recruiting an army… choose your destiny? You have copper, gold, and prestige points (items). You can buy a lot of things with them, for you and your army. Let’s see what are they used for.

  • Copper is used for buying soldiers, equipment, tech, and adjustments.
  • Gold is used for barracks expansion.
  • Prestige points will help you unlock positions, equipment, and skills for your character. You can use gold to exchange.

Also, there are exploit resources which you can trade for a nice reward. You gain them blasting through the battlefield.

Gameplay, Graphics, Sound

Tiger Knight: Empire War looks decent, even though some of the melee attacks can look more decent.

This review will teach you that most important thing in this kind of games is that you need to pay attention to everything that moves. The tutorial was over, and I start playing my first game. In the startup window of the game, you can see your character and even change the items he’s wearing. Also, there are a lot of things to upgrade, purchase, buy an adjustment, recruit an army. It’s something. Take a look at the picture down below; you’ll get the point.

As I said, there are thousands of things to do in this game. There is a global chat on the bottom left side and under Storage, there is customization to the general options, your horse, and decoration (just like fashion). Getting the Adjutant or recruit will help you in the fight, which you also choose from the client. Equipping skills, armor… should make you a lot stronger. This review is all about that, and we’ll try to keep posted for every incoming update.

Gameplay Review

At this moment, there are three available types of game modes:

Command mode – Conquest (PVP):

  • Kill enemy marshals to win the game. During the game, the player can win advantages by capturing medical site, supply site, and recruitment site. You cannot imagine resurrection.

Duel Mode – Team DeathMatch (PVP):

  • In this mode, your killing will contribute to the team points. The team with the higher points win. You will auto-revive after you die.

Epic War (PVE)

  • Generals cooperation: Enter into critical ancient battles against an enemy force, and achieve the goals to get the victory. You can choose your difficulty when playing PVE too.

You are going to need a level 8 to play team deathmatch. Choose your preferred militia and hop into the game.

You can see in the video below where I play Tiger Knight: Empire War below. It’s a hell of a fight. You probably think if Empire War will be easy to move forward.

Gameplay Video:

Graphics Review

The graphics quality of the game is decent. A clear picture with a lot of fatty particles in the game. They look nice. It doesn’t look like someone throws it here and there.

For a game with a size of this caliber, it deserves a pure eight if you ask me.

Sound Review

There is a still room for improvement over here as the game is still in early access. However, everything is good to play and have fun. They will continue to improve if they keep listening to the community.

We hope you like this review. The whole team at FGR wants you to try this game. Believe us; it’s refreshing and fun to play it. Getting friends can make the game even more fun, as always. Tell us what you think in the comments section down below.

Tiger Knight: Empire War


Our Score

Tiger Knight: Empire War was never using affiliate or any kind of reseller platform before. This Review just promises how good game it is...

User Rating: 3.97 ( 3 votes)
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