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Escape From Tarkov

7 reasons why you should buy Escape From Tarkov

Even if Escape From Tarkov looks like a mix of some popular games out there, the game offers a brand new type of content which is going to leave you speechless. While the game is still in Alpha, the game doesn’t seem to have lots of active players. It might be Escape from Tarkov’s only downside at this moment because you cannot taste the game at its complete functionality. That being said, we’re making this article with an already performed veracity check over the upcoming subtleties, which should be a reason to give this game a chance amongst the others.

Why should you buy Escape from Tarkov you ask? Let’s warm up the talk and keep the vibe ongoing, as the game’s closed beta is coming in July.

7 Reasons to buy Escape From Tarkov

  1. Really Satisfying Graphics
  2. Immersive Audio, which is one of the reasons I love to play games in general.
  3. A Better Economy for a more pleasant experience.
  4. Better quality and diversity on Mods and Weapons, and everything else related to LOOT. In two words, BETTER LOOT than almost every other game similar to Escape From Tarkov.
  5. 2 Integrated Anti-Cheats which are going to reduce all the unpleasant moments created by cheaters/hackers. This is by far the most important thing for all the fans out there.
  6. Lots of different maps, plus a possibility of experiencing a real brawl in a widespread WAR throughout the WHOLE MAP in near future. Just as Arma 3 :).
  7. Acceptable Price of 35 Euros

All of the above means that Battlestate Games will develop an amazing content. I love the fact that it’s going to input a good Anti-Cheat services which will get rid of the annoying hackers we meet in our everyday’s life.



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