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Golden Razz Berry Requires Trainer Level 10, Increase The Capture Chance Of A Wild Pokemon By 25%

Pokémon GO Golden Razz Berry is a variant of the Razz Berry. It is used for two purposes. The first one is fully restoring a Gym Defender’s motivation meter and the second one drastically increases your chance to capture a wild Pokémon. Golden Razz Berries drop in Raid Battles, along with Technical Machines and Rare Candy.

golden razz berry pokemon go

As you go through Raid Battles, you get the chance to get Golden Razz Berries. The Golden Razz Berries are a special kind of berries that can fully heal your Defenders’ motivation meter. Still, Golden Razz Berries are part of a less important addition to this update, it takes more time and resources to get them. Golden Razz is similar to Max Revive and Max Potion, since it does the same task as other lower tiered Berries.

The drop chance of Golden Razz Berries is still unknown. We also do not have the information if it is a guaranteed drop or not, but it probably isn’t.

Feeding Pokemon gives Stardust. Even though this is not specific to the Golden Razz Berry, feeding the Pokémon that is defending a Gym will reward you with Stardust.

Golden Razz Berry is highly effective. Golden Razz is one of the strongest berries you can use to increase your Capture chances. To increase your Capture chance, you can combine the Golden Razz with Curved Great/Excellent catches.

Depending on your play style, you can save Golden Razz for capturing or Gyms. However, it is suggested to burn through lower tier berries in Gyms first and keep the Golden Razz for special events.

For last, a new Pokemon Go update was released recently for iOS (1.31.1) and Android (0.67.1). Here is the list of full patch notes:

  • Gym features significantly updated to add the all-new motivation system.
  • Added new Gym Badge feature.
  • Added in-app and push notification system for Gyms.
  • Added Raid Battles, a new cooperative gameplay experience.
  • Added four new items available only by completing Raid Battles.
  • Added Raids tab to Nearby screen.
  • Added search functionality to Pokemon collection screen.
  • Added a visual indicator to unvisited PokeStops.
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