Increased Spawn Rates, Extra XP For Throwing Poke Balls Accurately & 50% Lucky Egg Discount During Pokemon Go Fire & Ice Event


Pokemon Go Fire & Ice event is now officially announced.

This event will last for a week, where the Trainers will see increased spawn of Fire and Ice Pokemon.

pokemon go fire ice event

The event will be at the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The Pokemon Go Fire & Ice event will start on June 13 1:00 P.M. PDT, with an ending time on June 20 at 1:00 P.M PDT, 2017.

In addition to the increased spawn rates of Ice and Fire Pokemon, the Trainers will receive more XP for throwing Poke Balls accurately and catching Pokemon with Nice, Great, Excellent, Curveballs and First Throws. Throws. There is also a 50% Lucky Egg discount.

With summer quickly approaching in the Northern Hemisphere and winter approaching in the Southern Hemisphere, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the upcoming solstices than with a Fire-type and Ice-type Pokémon GO event.

From 1:00 P.M. PDT on June 13 to 1:00 P.M. PDT on June 20, 2017, Trainers around the world will discover more Charmander, Cyndaquil, Growlithe, Houndour, Ponyta, Swinub, Vulpix, and their Evolutions. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for Sneasel, Magmar, Cloyster, and other Fire types and Ice types!

It’s time to perfect your Poké Ball throws, Trainers! Throughout the event, you’ll receive huge XP bonuses for successfully catching Pokémon with Nice, Great, and Excellent Throws, as well as Curveballs and First Throws. Additionally, as you walk around your neighborhoods or discover new sights, you’ll earn even more XP for hatching Eggs.

To help you take advantage of these awesome XP bonuses, Lucky Eggs will be 50% off in the in-game shop.

Get ready to explore the world around you, there are even more exciting updates coming your way soon!

According to our trustworthy source, the species that should spawn more frequently:

  • Charmander
  • Cyndaquil
  • Growlithe
  • Houndour
  • Ponyta
  • Swinub
  • Vulpix
  • Sneasel
  • Magmar
  • Cloyster

After the Fire & Ice event, Niantic will be making a new update, that will bring more fun to the game. Unfortunately, Gyms will be disabled during this period.

For last, Niantic has announced their first real-world Pokemon Go event. This event will start on July 22 in Chicago, Illinois at Grant Park. So you might guess the name of the event: Pokemon Go Fest Chicago. The tickets will be available for purchase in 11 days from now. To be more precise on June 19. Sounds great, right?

So get your running shoes and have an amazing Fire & Ice week!

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