Quake Champions needs a lot better Advertising Campaign and Bethesda must React fast

Quake Champions hasn’t received much love from the gamers around the world. I mean, it’s a big pool of gamers out there, and Quake Champions is struggling to gather them under its wings. The game is in Open Beta with an indefinite server uptime. In other words, the servers are going to be live until Bethesda drops the big hammer announcing the game is officially Launched. What I love to point out is that we’re talking about one of the PARENTS of FPS games, Quake, now a more enhanced version of the game, Quake Champions.

Quake Champions

That being said, I am pretty sure that Quake Champions received the needed support from all its old and inner fans who enjoyed playing the Quake Series back in the days. Taking into account that old school players are always supportive for any other game out there, I’d love to point out that the younger generation of gamers are missing a true pack of adrenaline hiding inside of Quake Champions. Now, while solving all the puzzles and analysis around Quake Champions, it feels like the game just needs a better Advertising Campaign for a better success.

Every time I go to bed, I watch When the Quake Champions Beta came out at first place, I was in a search of a good Quake Champions stream. Yes, there were all the Old School players, except the new generation who cannot even think about playing Quake. No famous streamers, except summit1G, who actually streamed for a couple of hours before the stopped. The moment you go in Quake Champions, that’s the moment when you start to get sick because of the game’s speed. However, the sad part is that players stop playing Quake Champions after only one try, explaining the game is fast and hard to play. I am pretty sure there was an article on Kotaku, explaining how bad the game is, which made me laugh like never before.

Now, this is where the fun part comes. Let’s make this clear. Quake Champions isn’t a Paladins or Overwatch related game. Quake Champions is unique, as I said at first place, one of the Parents of FPS games. If you don’t like it, don’t hate it. Obviously, this really pokes the newer generation of gamers, which actually disgust playing Quake Champions.

Develop the best Advertising Campaign

On the other side of the story, Bethesda keeps on failing on promoting their game (even though it’s not officially launched yet). That’s why I’ve come along with that post title. They did well with the $1.000.000 prize pool tournament, I must admit it. But still, it feels short. Most of the old Quake fans are probably busy, having life in front of them etc, etc… you cannot expect from them to come back. This is a brand new world of gamers, eager to experience the best fitting game on the market. Well, this is the part that explains why Bethesda need to start SHOUTING. How to do that? By launching the best Advertising Campaign.

Not everyone in the world knows that anyone, literally anyone can participate and qualify for the Quake World Championships by winning the Qualifiers that start on June 29. Dozens of friends of mine don’t even know that Quake is back. This is why an Advertising Campaign is important! I would love to help spread the best words ever about Quake Champions, but this new generation of people need to hear it directly from Bethesda.

Just to conclude, everything else related to the game seems alright, Bethesda’s heading the right way. All the game modes are improved as patches being developed, which is one of the reasons for Quake Champions to become an attractive game on the competitive scene. That being said, it’s time, Bethesda! It’s time to unleash your knowledge because this game has a lot of potential… not just to gather the old school players, but grab some of the other’s pools too.

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  1. Came here from Reddit and although normally I would appreciate your initiative I have to say that in my opinion (hardcore FPS fan), Quake champions deserves its obscurity. I am a huge fan of Quake (since Q1), but since Bethesda prefers to shove a broken launcher down our throats (I’ve been trying to install the game for a week now with no success) and they also choose to focus on adding new content (“cash cash cash!”) instead of fixing the notorious already existing bugs, I gave up on this launch. To me, Quake CH is a multiplayer “cash-cow”. It’s one of those titles that has the capacity to ruin a classic franchise. This is how corporate greed is ruining games nowadays. Let’s hope they don’t mess up Wolfenstein as well.

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