151 Pokemon “Sliced and Diced” Into Modern Biology, PokeNatomy is Real

I have been thinking that I know pretty much everything there is to know about Pokemon. I mean, I know how to battle them, catch them, upgrade them, how to calculate IVs etc. At this point, I’m wrong about my Pokemon knowledge. Do you want to know why? Well, check out what the Pokemon masterminds have prepared for the players. And trust me, it will blow your mind away!

There are people/players who are really obsessed with Pokemon and catching ’em all. Now, the things got more serious. The players can go inside a Pokemon literally and look at their organs. This sounds crazy, right?

There is a new book, called PokeNatomy-An Unofficial Guide to the Science of Pokemon which is an unofficial anatomical art project of all 151 Pokemon. The book is 300 pages long with a detailed description of their abilities, behavior and biology.

And when I say detailed, I mean something like this:

Bulbasaur is a toad-like quadruped that houses a symbiotic plant on its back from birth. Both organisms have evolved to depend totally on the other for survival. As it grows, the plant on his back begins to assume control taking on a greater share of the neural load while the host’s brain functions decrease. His powerful vines are actually extensions of the plant’s vascular system.”

pokemon pokenatomy

This art book, Pokenatomy, is now available for purchase on Christopher Stoll’s official website, as well as on Kickstarter site.

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