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Moltres Got ‘Burned’ by Only 2 Trainers, Here is How To Beat Moltres With Only 2 People

One of the easiest Legendary so far, Moltres, has been defeated by only 2 Trainers as speculations were made a few days ago.

Moltres is the third Legendary spawning in Pokemon Go, right after the first Legendary pair, Lugia and Articuno. The “flame” bird is Team Valor’s sign and represents strength and power, and has the fiercest and most competitive Trainers. Unfortunately, their bird is the easiest to defeat. Sorry, Team Valor!

Everything started when a Redditor explained and made a spreadsheet about how many Trainers and what Type of Pokemon you need to destroy Moltres. First, Moltres was defeated by 4 Trainers. After just one day, 3 Trainers tried to fight him and guess what happened? Well, he got beaten!

moltres 2 trainers

Just yesterday, 2 Trainers Lvl 40 decided to try and test their skills and knowledge on Moltres. I’ll not reveal what happened, you just have to watch the video and find out by yourself. Please be aware, everything is happening so fast, so catching notes is not easy at all.



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