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PoE: The Fall of Oriath Patch 3.0.0 Is Now Live, Check Out the Patch Notes

The long awaited expansion PoE: The Fall of Oriath is launching this weekend, together with the Harbinger Challenge League. PoE: The Fall of Oriath is the biggest expansion ever, and includes new acts, skills, gems, items and much more.

Today on PoE’s official forum, the devs have announced the launch of PoE patch 3.0.0. This patch brings new content and features, new skill gems, new support gems, unique items, The Harbinger Challenge League, rebalance, labyrinth balance, character balance, skills balance, and a lot more.

poe fall oriath patch 3.0.0

PoE Patch 3.0.0 Notes

In this article, you will find only the major changes and add-ons with patch 3.0.0. But, if you want to see the full patch notes list and all changes, you can do it here.

  • Added Acts Five through Ten.
  • Removed the Cruel and Merciless difficulty levels. Path of Exile is now a single ten-act playthrough.
  • Added a new Character Selection Screen.
  • Added a new feature – the Pantheon system: Best the ancient gods of Wraeclast in battle and you can claim a portion of their power. There are four Major god powers and seven Minor god powers to be claimed in The Fall of Oriath. You can have one Major and one Minor power active at a time and can return to any town or hideout to change which powers are active at no cost.
  • Later, each power can be upgraded by placing a Divine Vessel in your map device before you defeat certain map bosses.
  • Added a new feature – the Help panel: As you play Path of Exile, you can unlock Help panel pages. These can be viewed by clicking on a new Help button next to the Shop button. Each panel is designed to introduce you to an aspect of Path of Exile’s gameplay, and give you the tools you need to explore the features yourself.
  • Significantly updated the tutorial. It is integrated with the new Help system.
  • The game HUD has been updated to the Eclipse theme used throughout The Fall of Oriath.
  • Added 8 Vaal Side Areas with new bosses, found through areas in Oriath.
  • Added a Passive Skill Tree planning system.
  • Introduced new technology for rendering water throughout the game.
  • Added a new Intelligence Skill Gem – Dark Pact: Sacrifice a portion of your skeleton minion’s life to deal chaos damage in an area around it. This effect will chain to your other nearby skeletons. If you control no skeletons in the targeted area, you will sacrifice a portion of your own life and deal greater chaos damage in a larger area.
  • Added a new Intelligence Skill Gem – Storm Burst: Channel to unleash a stream of projectiles that deal lightning damage and always pierce through enemies. When you stop channeling, the projectiles explode, dealing significant damage in an area around them. Additional projectiles are added in sequence.
  • Added a new Dexterity Skill Gem – Charged Dash: Channel to project a mirage forward in the direction you’re facing. Release to teleport towards the mirage and deal area of effect damage multiple times along the way. The area of effect grows based on the distance you travel, and the number of effects increases with faster attack time.

Grinding Gear Games has finally announced the release date of the largest content expansion The Fall of Oriath. It is set to release on PC, on August 4 at 1:00 PM PDT.

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