Pokemon Go: The Release of Gen 3 is Right Around the Corner, Here is What to Expect

Pokemon Go is a free to play mobile game, developed by Niantic and released in July 2016. The game is available to play both on iOS and Android system, where your main goal is to find, battle, capture and upgrade Pokemon in order to have the strongest “Pokemon team” out there.

Since the release of the game, Pokemon Go had its own ups and downs, losing a lot of players, but when Niantic launched the Legendary Pokemon and Raids, everything has changed. A lot of Trainers came back to the game and started to enjoy playing Pokemon Go all over again. We had a chance to see, battle and catch 8 Legendary Pokemon such as Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Raikou, Entei, Suicune and Mewtwo.

It has been fun to play with all the Trainers out there, who were giving their best to achieve one goal, to catch a Legendary! But, we have to move forward and look at the upcoming features.

pokemon go release gen 3

Even though Niantic is not sharing any comments or hints about the release date of Gen 3, I have several facts that point to it:

  1. At the very beginning of 2017, Niantic has stated that they have four major updates for this year. The first major update was the release of Gen 2, and the second was the gym rework. So, there are two more to come.
  2. Between the launch of the game and the release of Gen 2 it has been 7 months, and at this moment we are standing on 7 months since the release of Gen 2.
  3. With the localized events, now easy to catch Raid Bosses (Tyranitar, Snorlax, Muk, Lapras), and the addition of rare candy, a lot of players are going to be completing the existing ‘dex.
  4. When Niantic released Gen 2, they’ve shuffled the egg distance. The same thing happened now.
  5. And now it’s perfect timing to release Gen 3, due to the interest in the game and the return of a lot of players with the Raids and Legendary Pokemon.
  6. New spawn points added when Equinox event started.
  7. The triple XP for new dex entries for the Equinox.
  8. The third quarter of the year is about to end without a big update.

It looks like we have one last chance to complete our Gen 2 dex before Niantic launches Gen 3. How about this? Legendary Pokemon Beasts, then new Raid Bosses and then Gen 3? Sounds great, right?

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Dejan Kacurov

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  1. Things it could be…Player versus player, breeding, gen 3, introduction of some new system to obtain regionals (or just unlocking them), shiny pokemon, another pikachu with a hat..maybe a fully costumed pikachu? Hmm…Breeding does seem to be on the way though, why else would they begin to assign m/f genders AND suddenly/unannounced change the egg incubator screen to say “Incubate” instead of “start incubation”. Little things mean big things with Niantic sometimes. I am curious to see what they actually do though. Anyone else got any thoughts on what it might be?

  2. There is never anyone with which to RAID. It has decreased my interest in the game. It has ceased to be fun. I have RAIDs all around me, but no one ever shows up. I had 3 of the legendary birds at RAIDs just this morning within blocks of my home. I live in a major city, near a major artery and even when I make calls on our facebook no one ever comes.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll stop if they don’t do something to improve the game soon.

      1. Being that I’ve spent more on Pokemon Go than any game EVER, no. I’m not going to ask for my money back, but it means that they will lose me as a customer. That you don’t recognize that players like me have been buying lucky eggs, and incubators and more poke balls, and grinding away to “get them all,” it demonstrates a lack of disrespect from people like you and the programmers. It is clear that they don’t care or need me as a customer. It’s their job to make the game sticky and resonant. When someone who has been playing for a year and invested more than my cable bill, hulu, Netflix and movies combined on them, yes, I’d like to think my business will be a loss to them. I think they will lose others like me as well.

        By not adding the ability to trade and the ability to acquire the legendaries without having to find 20 people with whom to do it, does limit their customer base to a specific type of gamer. The idea that this is a “free game” is laughable. That you felt a need to snark as opposed to recognize that this isn’t a free game is just silly.

  3. Gen 3 may be coming out this year, but I have heard no reports of data files to support it in any of the patch notes. That would indicate it is still months away. I am thinking it won’t come out until all the new legendaries have played out.

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