Pokemon Go Update 0.71.0 Adds All Gen 3 Pokemon, Super Incubator and More

A new update was just announced for Pokemon Go v0.71.0 and adds Gen 3 Pokemon and candy, Super Incubator, new shiny spawn references and fixes some Raid bugs.

A few weeks ago, I’ve made an article saying that Gen 3 is right around the corner. A Pokemon Go related website wrote: “Curious as we are, we went online to research this rumour, only to find that the source of these rumours is a couple of misinformed sensationalist articles, mostly published by media outlets that don’t usually write about Pokemon GO.” I have to say, check your info first, try harder for your fellow readers and Trainers and give them the right information!

All 135 Gen 3 Pokemon have been added to the code with extra 73 Candy families.

And I was right about the Super Incubator as well, when I wrote, “I think that there is a new type of incubator that is coming in Pokemon Go. The app is currently downloading a new set of text assets, one of which contains the Super Incubator!”.

The distance multiplier field is attached to every instance of an Incubator and was unused up to now, and it is set to 1x normal Incubators. The Super Incubator is a Store item, and it costs more than the regular Incubator. This will help you to hatch Eggs faster than usual.

New shiny spawn references have been added as follows:

  • shinySpawnFxReference
  • sparklyFxReference
  • sparklyFx
  • sparklyFxRequest

This is telling us that a new shiny Pokemon is coming soon. Who is it? Unfortunately, I don’t know that, yet!

Raids are getting updated and some bugs have been fixed:

  • raidIcon
  • raidSprite
  • exclusiveRaidSprite
  • exclusiveRaidBattleTimerBackgroundColor
  • raidDecalColor
  • exclusiveRaidDecalColor

Bug fixes:

  • Raid/Spawn Timers
  • The Lobby
  • Raid Network issues

For last, a new key “Metamon” has been added. This is a Japanese name for Ditto and speculates that other species will transform into other Pokemon.

To be honest, this is something I wanted to see in PoGo. The above-mentioned changes will bring even more fun when playing the game. I can’t wait for Gen 3!

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