Tips How to Beat Zapdos, Plus Addition for Min-Maxers

The new and most probably the last Legendary Pokemon to join Pokemon Go is Zapdos. He will be available only for limited time, joining tomorrow on August 7 until August 14. So, we have a week to battle and catch Zapdos.

Zapdos is a Legendary Pokemon, one of three Legendary birds, along with Articuno and Moltres. He is an Electric Type, with black and yellow plumage, and spiky feathers. His weakness is Rock and Ice Type Pokemon and takes Super Effective dmg from them. You might say we can use only Golem and Tyranitar, but here are some very useful tips when it comes down to counters.

The best Pokemon against Zapdos

Thanks to Redditor R055iT, I can present you some very useful and interesting tips on what Pokemon to use and what are the best counters.

1. Dbl Rock Golems are around 50% better than any other Pokemon with their immunity to lighting and flying Pokemon. A Lvl 20 Dbl Rock Golem is a great option.

2. A very smart option is to power up Dbl Ice Piloswines. They can evolve into a beast of a mon and Avalanche can be super effective with 25% better than Stone Edge whilst Ground turns the shaggy hippee mon into a tank.

3.1. Stone Edge Tyranitars are very helpful. They can stay in the fight for a longer time. So, power up Tyranitars and make it easier for yourself.

3.2. Spend dust on Dragonites, because flying’s weakness to lightning is canceled by the Dragon typing.Now it’s the time to take them out from the “shadows”.

4. Use Exeggutor or Rhydon. Rhydon shares the advantages of Golem’s typing and Stone Edge, but Zapdos’ flying type laughs in the face of both its basic moves which are also fairly poor at building energy. It’ll last ages and its total contribution might be greater than a Ttar, but depending on the number in your party the battle might be long done. Don’t lead with Rhydon! By comparison, Eggs do about 9% more DPS whilst still being singly resistant to lightning.

5. The remaining slots can be filled up with Jolteon, Jynx, Lapras, Gengar, Flareon, Alakazam, Articuno and Sudowoodo.

For last, I have some addition for Min-Maxers, thanks to zenofewords.

  • Golem’s rock throw will reach 12 dmg at Lvl 37.5 (15 Atk IV) if you don’t want to over-commit 11 DPH is available from Lvl 28.
  • A 15 Atk IV Piloswine only needs to be Lvl 24 to max out powder snow (5 DPH) or Lvl 30 for ice shard to hit 10 DPH.
  • It’s easy to reach Tyranitar’s bite BP at Lvl 25.5 (also 15 Atk IV).
  • On Dragonite, reaching 5 Dragon Breath DPH will require Lvl 23.5, while Dragon Tail’s max is at a costly level of 36.5, but you may settle for second best (12 DPH) at a comfortable Lvl of 28.

The entire credit for this article goes to R055iT and zenofewords. I have found it very useful, and there are no better words to explain this. If there are any remarks, please contact me via email.

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