Top 7 Generation 3 Pokemon and Their Stats

At this moment it all comes down to Pokemon Gen 3, what are the best Pokemon from this Generation, what abilities they should have and what are their stats.

The Generation 3 code was added to the latest update, but not yet released Pokemon Go v0.71.0. When this version releases, we can expect to see all 135 Gen 3 Pokemon and extra 73 Candy families.

I have made a research and with the help of Frocharocha, I can now present you the best 7 (Non-Legendary) Gen 3 Pokemon including their stats:

  1. Slaking with 5441 CP, 319 Attack, 201 Defense and 300 Stamina.
  2. Metagross with 3664 CP, 257 Attack, 248 Defense and 160 Stamina.
  3. Salamance with 3532 CP, 277 Attack, 169 Defense and 190 Stamina.
  4. Aggron with 3004 CP, 198 Attack, 314 Defense and 140 Stamina.
  5. Swampert with 2815 CP, 208 Attack, 175 Defense and 200 Stamina.
  6. Blaziken with 2631 CP, 240 Attack, 141 Defense and 160 Stamina.
  7. Sceptile with 2584 CP, 226 Attack, 180 Defense and 140 Stamina.

The release date is still unknown, but we can hope to see the Pokemon Generation 3 in Q4.

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