How to Beat Alakazam Solo and What Pokemon To Use Against the Psychic Type

Alakazam is a Psychic Type Pokemon that evolves from Kadabra, with 2887 Max Cp, 271 Attack, 194 Defense and 110 Stamina. This Pokemon is weak against Bug, Dark and Ghost Pokemon, but strong against Fighting and Psychic Type. This Pokemon can only be caught after defeating it in a Raid Battle.

Today, a PoGo Trainer Lvl 40, who goes by the name of Trockmorten, has defeated Kazam solo with a diverse team, no duplicates and no TTar, with 10 seconds left.

Here is the list of Pokemon he used to solo Alakazam, all Lvl 35+:

  • Scizor CP 2747 – Fury Cutter/X-Scissor
  • Gengar CP 2515 – Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball
  • Pinsir CP 2721 – Bug Bite/X-Scissor
  • Houndoom CP 2485 – Snarl/Foul Play
  • Gyarados CP 3181 – Bite/Crunch

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