Ghost Type Pokemon With Evolution in Gen 4, Collect Candies and Be Ready When Gen 4 Releases

Now is the chance to get your hands on plenty of candies in Pokemon GO. We have a Halloween event happening right now, and it is promised that it will have improved spawn rates for the spooky Pokemon.

The trainers are finally able to catch the Ghost-type Misdreavus and Duskull. Both of these creatures have an evolution in Gen 4. Because of the increased spawn rates, the trainers should take advantage of this event and get a big amount of candies. So when Gen 4 comes, trainers should have sufficient candy to evolve the Pokemon.

Misdreavus has an evolution in Gen 4, called Mismagius. This future generation is promised to come with a significant power boost. Duskull has an evolution available right now, called Dusclops. When this creature is provided access to a Reaper Cloth, it can evolve in Dusknoir.

A Pokemon that is worth catching is the Dark/Flying-type Murkrow. Even though this creature came to the game with the Gen 2 release, Murkrow’s spawn rate should increase and once Gen 4 comes, it can be evolved into Honchkrow.

Credit: Jazzooi21

Considering that this fun game is over a year old, at this point only two waves of Pokemon have been released. Our calculations are that the fourth wave of Pokemon, Generation 4, will be released somewhere around this time next year.

Only because of the appearance of Misdreavus and Duskull, we think that the game is pretty close to an update that will bring the new third generation into it. This is promising that many players that left the game because of its monotony, will come back to feel the thrill of the new creatures.

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