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List of Gen 3 Dark, Ghost and Nocturnal Pokemon

Since the release of Pokemon Go back in July 2016, the game had its ups and downs, which resulted in losing a lot of players, but with the release of Raid Battles, Raid Bosses and Legendary Pokemon, everything has changed. A lot of PoGo Trainers came back and Pokemon Go its back on the chart list as the most popular mobile game.

At this moment it all comes down to Gen 3, what are the best Pokemon from this Generation, what abilities they should have and their stats. With all of the rumors and speculation about Gen 3 coming on Halloween, let’s see the Gen 3 Dark/Ghost/Nocturnal Type Pokemon list:

  • Absol – Dark
  • Poochyena – Dark
  • Mightyena – Dark
  • Nuzleaf – Dark
  • Shiftry – Dark
  • Carvanha – Dark
  • Shapedo – Dark
  • Cacturne – Dark
  • Crawdaunt – Dark
  • Sableye – Ghost Dark
  • Shedinja – Ghost
  • Shuppet – Ghost
  • Banette – Ghost
  • Duskull – Ghost
  • Dusclops – Ghost
  • Dustox – Nocturnal
  • Illumise – Nocturnal
  • Volbeat – Nocturnal

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