Inspired by Paladins, New Arena Shooter is being developed – Project Exodus

A group of not so known developers appeared on the social networks, more precisely on Reddit. They have only one goal, and that is to make some rebuild of Paladins but in their style. They aim to create a game that will never support microtransactions and will be free to play. Also, the game holds Arena Shooter Genre such as Paladins and Overwatch have.

Going under the name of Project Exodus, the game is a team-based hero shooter being developed by a community of fps players, looking to create a game that is made for the player, by the player. That’s their twitter slogan. Namely, on their recently established subreddit, they have already informed everyone that Project Exodus is being developed on Unreal Engine.

Below you can find their latest tweet and also find out more about them by visiting their official Twitter page.

The power the engine has it is quite known among other factors, but the question is if the team will be able to satisfy all the player’s needs.

Other arena shooters inspire the game, but the team has mostly appeared on Hi-Rez Paladins official subreddit, trying to pull as much as they can from their community, while also claiming that Paladins is slowly dying.

We have to say that we’re not too familiar with this group of developers, but they have introduced themselves on their official SubReddit.

Welcome to Project Exodus, we’re a group of people who have a goal to develop a new Arena Hero shooter game that’s controlled and developed by a community of gamers, our objective is to make a free to play game that’ll stay away from any type of pay to win schemes, we want to create something that’s fair for everyone playing it, our game will have a wide fantasy theme with original characters and interesting new gameplay concepts.

Fans on the other side, like it or not they’re always eager to find out what is this group all about and whether a game they create will be for free and won’t include any microtransactions. However, the developer claims that the game will be free-to-play and remain as one forever, and the community will have the highest impact on the game itself, both regarding balance and setup.

Are we going to witness another F2P arena shooter that will become successful? Time will tell, and we’ll closely monitor their progress.

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  1. Thanks for the article so early into development! We are a newly made team of skilled developers working on our first large scale project, but we hope to one day make Project Exodus a worldwide success.

    The goal of Project Exodus is to provide an experience similar to other team-based shooters, using our own original ideas to make it truly stand out in the saturated market. Expect events, features and game mechanics not yet seen in the market that will make Project Exodus truly stand out from the crowd.

      1. Do you have Discord, as this is how the team mostly communicates? If so, send us your username and we’ll see what we can do!

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