List of Meta Relevant Pokemon from Gen 3, Best Starters, Defenders and Attackers

In this post, we will list the Pokemon from Gen 3 that are important, what is the best starter, best defender and best attacker. They are of every type that exists, and we hope that it will be helpful for you.

The Grass Type Pokemon we think is important is Sceptile. Its attack is the second highest among all grass types. Exeggutor is the best grass attacker, but Sceptile has the second highest attack. He is most likely the strongest grass starter in PoGO in the moment.

Blaziken has an interesting typing that is making him a quite useful counter to many types. Its attack stat is the 23rd highest in the game. Compared to Machamp, Blaziken is valuable even with weak defense and stamina stats.

The best starter in Pokemon is Swampert. Its typing is for sure a strong combo. While having a double weakness to grass, it has a good coverage and it is not weak to electric attack, unlike most water Pokemon.

Gardevoir does not have that high CP, it can become one of the most important. If this Pokemon gets the Fairy quick move, it can easily become a dragon killer. Depending on the moves, this Pokemon can replace some psychic type attackers.

Including the mega evolutions, Slaking has the highest CP out of all Pokemon. In the moment, this Pokemon has the second highest attack stat. But, the only problem this Pokemon has it is its typing. Normal types do not have any advantage over any type.

Hariyama is not as good as Machamp, but it can be easy to obtain with one evolution. It should be a great defender with its 7th highest STA.

In the first three generations, Aggron has the 7th highest defense stats out of any Pokemon. On the one hand, this Pokemon has a double weakness in fighting and ground. On the other hand, he is a good looking Pokemon.

Milotic is the hardest Pokemon to find. This Pokemon could be a good defender, and it doesn’t have a double weakness.

Walrein and Lapras are quite similar. Even though its defensive stats are lower, its attack stats are higher. If this Pokemon gets ice moves, in this case, he is more useful than Lapras because of the increase in the attack stat.

Relicanth is the next Omastar. Its Rock/Water type combo is useful, especially in the raid meta-game.

Salamance is the pseudo-legendary, almost identical to Dragonite. These Pokemon have the same typing and quite similar stats. Salamance has more stamina and a higher attack stat.

Metagross is the 13th in attack, 18th in defense. Its psychic/steel typing shows that this Pokemon does not have double weakness and it can give him a good coverage that will go along his high damage output.

With Gen 3 now live, this could be very helpful, both for beginners and pros, as will make it clearer for a lot of Pokemon Go players to understand which Pokemon from Gen 3 could be meta relevant.

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